Suri Lumber is a Dutch company founded in 2012. We provide only the highest quality Surinam lumber available on the international market. Other companies offer, we deliver! Our experts on site pick the lumber for our customers, which means; with every order we can guarantee the best quality for your company.

We only work with local companies, which is a choice we made to be able to provide work and income for the local community in Suriname, while maintaining the highest standard for our product. We firmly believe in an honest product. Because of our local expertise, we can always find the best quality for an honest price.

All our lumber isn’t stock. They are FRESH LOGS. Freshly cut, right before shipping. You, our customer, can dry them at your own and personal needs.

What do we offer? The highest quality, an honest and fresh product and a fair price.

Don’t wait if you are in need of the finest lumber! We’re looking forward to our cooperation. We are in business for both short and longterm relationships.

Be welcome to contact us now.


Our main office is located in The Netherlands. We can be reached by telephone, e-mail and skype.


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